With the sequentially numbered “Duplicate Number Tag”, which is supplied with the Tamper Evident Security Seal in The BAG SAFE pack, you will be able to prove what the numbers are of the tamper evident seals that you have applied to your luggage. Hence the importance of storing the Duplicate number tags safely and easily available for evidence in the arrivals hall if necessary.

If they do not correspond it indicates that The BAG SAFE and or the Tamper evident seals have been replaced!

Use your cell phone to photograph the sealed luggage, showing the number of the Tamper Evident Security Seals in place at the check-in counter. This will give you the ability to positively prove the state of your luggage at the time that it was handed-in at the “check-in”.

The Duplicate number tag (DNT) will assist to prove the sequential numbers on the seals that where applied to your luggage.

You will need to inspect your luggage for possible tampering at the arrivals carousel! If any tampering is evident, this must be reported to the staff, before you leave the arrivals hall.

Images of seals

Set of Tamper Evident Security Seals included in the pack
Set of two Tamper Evident Security Seals for 1 BAG SAFE
Remove large Tamper Evident Security Seal and apply over last flap.
Remove second large Tamper Evident Security Seal and apply over last flap.
Two Tamper Evident Security Seals in position.
Retain the Duplicate Number Tags in safe place for positive identification.
Close-up of Tamper Evident Security Seals. Note recommended placement positions!
This is what a partial tamper looks like.
Hidden message remains visible even after replacing the seal.
Residue left indicates where Tamper Evident Security Seal has been totally removed.
Partial tamper on left, repositioned seal in the centre and residue of a removed seal on the right.