Here you will find frequently asked questions. If you cant find your answer here, please contact us.

Why should I wrap my luggage?

  • For protection, as a deterrent to theft from your luggage.
  • As a deterrent too the use of your luggage to “piggy back” drugs on your luggage to the airport of your destination.
  • Protection against the scuffing etc as it moves along the many kilometres of conveyor belts in terminals.

Will the plastic pollute the oceans?

NO! not if you dispose of the BAGSAFE in a responsible manner.

Can the BAGSAFE be recycled?

YES!  It is totally recyclable and non-toxic when incinerated.

Do I need a machine to fit the BAGSAFE to my luggage?


Do I need any tools to fit the BAGSAFE to my luggage?

NO! All the cut-outs and adhesive patches are provided and are “in place”.

How do I access the handles on my luggage after the BAGSAFE has been fitted?

Perforations are positioned in the appropriate positions!

All you need to do is to Pearce the relevant perforation.

Why 3 BAGSAFE’s in a pack?

One for the outbound journey, a second for the return journey a third as a spare in case you have made a mistake.

Alternatively, you can use it for the next journey.

The BAGSAFE can be cut!

Correct, but it will be “evidence of tampering” which you can then report prior to leaving the arrivals hall.

Will the use of a BAGSAFE prevent theft from my luggage?

No! Similarly, to the burglar bars on the windows of your home, it is a deterrent, but not an impenetrable barrier.

Is the BAGSAFE reusable?

No, its design dictates that it can only be used once, if you wish to use all its “evidence of tampering” features.

Will the BAGSAFE prevent my luggage from being tampered with?

Whilst nothing is fool proof, the presence of a BAGSAFE is a major deterrent. Any attempts at tampering will be visible.

You can then report the tampering prior to leaving the arrivals hall.

Will my Luggage stay dry?

YES! Dry and clean. The BAGSAFE will prevent your luggage from getting wet and dirty.

Will the BAGSAFE deter the insertion (as in piggybacking) of illegal substances (e.g. Drugs) into my luggage?

YES! The presence of a BAGSAFE on your luggage will certainly act as a Deterrent to a drug smuggler.

Does a BAGSAFE fit any size suitcase?

No. we currently have 3 different sizes. The website shows how you should measure your luggage so that you purchase the most suitable size.

Why are there Tamper evident stripes?

With their designed ability to leave a visible message when lifted, your ability to find “evidence” of tampering is enhanced.

Can I make my own ..bagsafe?

Yes, if you feel that it will be more advantageous, you can source a bag that will fit onto your luggage and then cut-out for the wheels and handles.  How would you then seal this bag?


I can apply my own stretch wrap!

Yes, you can.  Consider that it can be removed in the terminal and be replaced with another after they have access to the contents of your suitcase. You will be none the wiser, until you open your luggage at your destination.