Fitting The BAG SAFE to a suitcase

1. Remove a BAG SAFE from the pack
2. Stand the suitcase on its wheels and extend the pull-along handle
3. Confirm that the two small adhesive patches are on the same side as the pull-along handle
4. Position the “outer” perforation line over the handle as shown
5. “Break through” the perforation by pushing the BAG SAFE down as shown
6. Place suitcase with pull-along handle as shown, and note the positions of the 4 flaps
7. Pointing out the 2 small adhesive patches. Confirm position of the four flaps
8. Remove the covers from the two small adhesive patches on large flap
9. Remove the release backing from the second adhesive patch
10. Pull the 2 side flaps firmly towards each other & stick onto the 2 small adhesive patches
11. The small flaps “in position” on the small adhesive patches
12. Remove the cover from the large adhesive patch
13. Pull this flap firmly and stick it over all the other flaps, where it fits
14. The sealed BAG SAFE ready for the journey, after the Tamper Evident Security Seals have been applied as shown. How to apply the Tamper Evident Security Seals
15. Using your mobile phone, photograph your luggage showing the Tamper Evident security Seals in place, to use as evidence should it be needed. You can take a second photograph when the luggage is on the scale at the check-in, for additional evidence should it be needed
16. Retain the set of Duplicate Number Tags in a safe place. Your luggage is now ready and protected for the journey!! HAVE A SAFE TRIP!!!